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I have been asked many times who, among the “rich and famous”, inspires me. It’s not always easy to point at someone and say this or that, there is so much I am inspired by but by people, only few: She is one of the most elegant women I’ve ever seen or heard of. Strong sense of discipline and structure she is a woman who knows her product and not afraid to take risks. Her evening gowns are glamorous and chic just like the designer herself. She is Carolina Herrera, one of my favorite fashion designers. I’m inspired by her talent and the way she works. I love how she uses superb luxurious materials to create beautiful elegant evening gowns, a dress that makes a woman look and feel like a million dollars. I love her oversize patterns, elegance and intricacy, in a word – details. It reminds me of how I design my rugs for RUG ART time and again, with a lot of attention to details, i just love the idea of working that way.

designer i'm inspired by

In my designs I like to strike a balance and am always looking for a playful idea to include in my rugs. Herrera’s gowns employ sensual and playfulness and I love that it goes hand in hand. I may be inspired by many other sources but always keep in mind what my client is going to feel when he or she have my rugs in their homes. How it flatters their environment, the mood, style, I take my designs personally almost like designing a dress for myself and knowing myself well, I do not like to compromise. Herrera designs smart and beautiful, it takes precision, meticulous craftsmanship and lots of patience – an approach I feel is key in creating a product that makes people keep coming back to for more.



 carolina herrera

I love her design compositions, color combination, floral patterns, geometric, all well thought out designs that contribute not only to the overall look of the one who wears it, but also how it feel to have one on. A rug should be treated no less and I get the same vibes when i see a beautiful piece of rug art work in a room. A beauty not to be ignored. I would love to own one of her gowns and if not, would love even more to meet her some day and chat, I have a feeling she is a very down to earth person. I just admire her.

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