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one of the many pleasures i get to experience when i travel abroad is when i explore artists studios…to sense the space…the artist’s inspiration…the thinking process.
on a recent trip to chianti tuscany, i’ve been blesses enough to visit one of the smallest, sweetest and most charming little town: radda in chianti.
a small town with big views where locals ride their bright vespas, dozens of pigeons sitting on roof tops…i could hear them at night…a delightful town filled with specialty shops like leather, ceramics, scents, wine…lets not skip these wonderful wineries.
the trip was a supreme bliss.

radda in chiantiradda in chiantibeautiful view of tuscanybeautiful street in chianti tuscany

we walked into every shop on every street…every little store tells a story. we ate at small restaurants…where the most humble of vegetable is transformed into a delectable dish. you could hear the cook…most times the mother of the owner…yelling from the kitchen that she is out of asparagus…or potatoes…it felt so much like my home i wanted to move in.
and just when i thought i’ve seen it all in this small town my eyes caught this talented artist’s studio:
art studio in chianti tuscanyimage of art studio in chianti italyart studio in chianti italyartist’s heaven.
when i entered there was no one there. scattered around were paintings of tuscany, hand-painted furniture, hand-made ceramics even custom clothing. fabrics hanging everywhere i couldn’t stop but marvel. and the desk…to die for. did you see what’s laid on it? gazillions of tools, colors, crayons, brushes, blue-prints, sheets of gold leaf. i wanted to touch it all. it looked chaotic. i.loved.it.
it was so ready for me to just sit there, grab a brush and paint. i exhibited a strong creative impulse i almost screamed. thank god the artist wasn’t there.
i’m obsessed with artists studios i can’t get enough. will visit again for sure.
but now i realize –  i’m a neat freak. i can definitely learn something.
happy creations to you artists out there.



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