When nature and glamour go hand in hand

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Like charity, I believe glamour should begin at home.” Loretta Young.

It sure does…in this beautiful Brooklyn family home.

Personal spaces, especially living rooms, are where we spend a lot of our times. It is where we gather with family and friends to enjoy eachother’s company and this living room designed with that in mind, to convey a sense of entertainment without compromising elegance.

Right when entering this glamorous Park Slope home one cannot miss but notice a gorgeous handmade rug in soft soothing shades of tan and yellow in wool and silk, right in the center of this living space. Shadow hand-knotted beauty, designed by Rug Art co-founder Sigal Sasson, acts as the center stage while its pattern embraces the outside viewed through the tall windows. Simply glorious.

rug art, makers of fine custom rugs. rug art interior project.

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The brilliant design in this luxurious rug illustrates an abstract pattern originally inspired by nature. Leaf pattern made of Chinese silk throw shadows on a very soft Himalayan wool ground. The simplicity yet effective pattern brings nature in any time of the day, while offering long-lasting allure thanks to the gorgeous combination of fibers and a play of light that’s reflected in the silk and the surrounding area. The luxurious furniture and soft furnishings evoke nature and glamour in equal measure.

residential project rug art. makers of fine custom rugs

residential project. rug art, makers of fine custom rugsClick photos for credit

No doubt, this living room is inviting and refined, showing of a play of sophisticated neutrals with a pop of color in just the right doses.


Shadow, hand knotted in wool and silk. Designed by Sigal Sasson, Rug Art International.

We are honored to find that this stunning project is featured in the book Design Brooklyn.

From our Botanic collection, customize Shadow with us for all your specific project needs or browse our patterned or wool and silk rugs to add some glam to your spaces.


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