Drawn to drawing

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No matter where i am or what i’m thinking…i create.
Much of my vacation time here in israel is spent taking pictures, reading books and visiting family. In the evenings…after long hot hours…in my rented apartment…i find myself going back to drawing…in pencil (the number one benefit to have a place of your own. No distractions).
While reading a beautiful novel…a love story of a blind boy who fell in love with a beautiful deaf girl…in india. I couldn’t stop wonder about the image on the front cover of the book…then without much thinking i grabbed my pencil and started to draw the blind boy in a silk cloth.

Beautiful pencil drawing of a boy

I can’t help it…but i love and always will…love pencil drawings. There is a sense of mystery to a black and white drawing…a sense of precision…wonder.
Simple tools…pencil and paper…can take you to places only your mind can see.
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