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chic eclectic foyerOne of my favorite times of year are the holidays and my daughter’s winter break.

This is where I get super charged and inspired that I am literally brain-washed.

My oldest daughter knows how to imitate me in a very funny way, and shows us what happens when I get all caught up in an idea: I drive two miles per hour.

I came back home on a cool Friday morning after a pampering manicure, and saw all these beautiful, bold and colorful, staring back at me – fall mums. Arranged on my stairs in the foyer. So beautiful and chic. And I knew – it was all from the Mr.

beautiful eclectic foyer

beautiful bold flat-weave rug, rug artThe colors of the mums coordinate so nicely with my flat-weave rug that’s in the adjacent living room.

home decor, pink rosesTo add to my holiday mood I bought oversize pink roses and placed them in a glass vase, to “chicify” my dining room.

More roses on my kitchen island, you can see them through the mirror in the image.

pssst…I love my dining ghost chairs!

chic home entranceI took some of the fall mums and placed them outside our door. I purchased mercury glass pumpkin vase/candle holder, took my ceramic elephant tiny table from the backyard and added it here and placed a small hurricane on top. Rearranged my plants, washed the slate tiles really well (well…they needed a good wash it was time). And there…my front entrance is ready for the season.

I went in and out a few times with a huge smile on my face just to pass by this cozy and inviting door front. Call me crazy!

rug art flat-weave rug…and my pooch is loving it.

…until next time



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