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The magic of hand made rug making

The process – ever wondered how our hand made rugs “get in shape” after being removed from the loom? well, this is only one of many steps in the ancient process of making hand made rugs in Nepal. Some of the steps are fascinating to me and the one below is one of them.

I remember when we first started this company i’ve always wondered about the process of creating what we have passion for, but never had the opportunity to go to Nepal to see this magic with my own eyes, only the Mr. would go at that time (you know, kids, school, work). He would bring pictures to show me and i would “gobble” every pixel in every photo and ask lots of questions to satisfy my growing curiosity.

When time comes and I plan a trip to Nepal i arm myself with two cameras (in case one brakes or lost) and i take as many pictures of the process as i can. Last time was when our new collection happened to hang on stretchers and i had a chance to really take it all in. When the rugs are removed from the loom they get washed, lay to dry in the hot sun then they must hang face down while stretched on a metal stretcher on rooftops in Nepal, until all edges are uniform and straight.

hand made rug on a metal stretcher
hand made rug on a metal stretcher on rooftops in nepal
process of hand made rug on a stretcher on rooftop in nepal

Our rugs at the stretch zone. Isn’t that something.

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