The new RUG ART collection is on its way

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 “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”.

Theodore Roosevelt

I love to travel, as you already know, especially for work. I get to see my designs how, step by step, everything comes together and the amount of people who help us make it all happen. This past trip though I couldn’t leave to Nepal but husband (Vidal) did and he came back with lots of goodies for me: news, pictures, ideas and anything creative that feeds my soul.

This collection of images of our latest designs, still at hard work, is a true reminder of the effort, commitment and all the hard work put together to make a true passion happen.

On the same note, every day I learn something new be it about myself or about work. Along the way one realizes that things don’t always come right the first time. Or one must adjust to the changes occurring in the field of choice. Or being able to recognize an opportunity even in tough times and discover joy even when you work hard.

That being said, we really have some amazing people as artisans working with us abroad. With every new collection production they never cease to amaze us with their commitment and enthusiasm, which make our mission so much more special.

I thought I’d share this with you:

new rug design on the loomnew rug on the loomhuge custom size rio rug

 new rug on the loom, handmade

 hand made silk rug

hand made rug highlight on the loom

hand made rug, rioall made by hand for RUG ART INTERNATIONAL






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