The freedom of being a kid

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Hi there,

beautiful picture of a little girlYou know, sometimes I just miss being a kid. And it happened more than once this week. Don’t get me wrong I love being a grown-up, it comes with many bonuses like I get to travel around the world, drive sports car, make my own decisions, have grown-up friends, home-work free or even have babies.

This week I watched my multi-talented ten year old composing a song for a concert in her school, with one of her five electric guitars, and I could sense the freedom in her voice, in her words, her smiles and foolishness. You tell that to your kids and they won’t even know what you are talking about. I imagined being care free like her, free of big responsibilities and just being a kid. I think I should make this list for my daughters to read every day:

being a kid you:

fall asleep on the sofa and magically you’re transformed to your bed.

being kissed on the forehead even when you are not sick.

being fed with a spoon without lifting a finger.

run barefoot on the grass without worrying about splinters.

sit on your dad’s lap, read a book and feeling safe (now he has a laptop)

and so much more.

My mother told me when I was a kid “don’t wash the dishes you’ll ruin your nails” oh! and my older brother use to say “enjoy the freedom…i wish i was your age…”. Most children I know have no idea how many bonuses they get by just being kids.

The joy of freedom that goes with childhood when things simply come naturally, is priceless.

Do you ever miss being a kid?

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