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 In the past few long months I’ve been working like a mad woman along with Vidal, on my new design drawings, samples, images, trying to complete and perfect our latest rug collection The Cosmopolitan. The collection involves a lot of details in design as you will see and accurate color placement so it was essential to be as specific as I could with our partners in Nepal and to make sure we are both on the same level. Sometimes it’s no easy task and patience along with a good amount of humor helped me get through it.
During the course of this process I came to a point where I put away some designs i made, thinking “it’s not working” (something I’m not so good at convincing my husband to think the same), and only to find out later on that he snuck into my office, took the drawings and submitted them for production. Imagine the surprise?
Throughout my husband’s recent travels to educate our showrooms representatives about the latest rug collection, we received many positive and enthusiastic comments about the designs that I could barely close my eyes at night from excitement. It’s a good thing.
The Cosmopolitan is a collection where I pour out my passion to travels and share this beautiful experience. It  reflects my inner world hoping it will inspire you too and that you will find a rug, or a few, that will fill up your space and your world.
When I designed the collection I was completely immersed in my own thoughts playing with my imagination while trying to create one design at a time, when I noticed a couple of things that I didn’t record then but remember them now:
Every design I create takes me longer (sometimes longest) then planned. almost always. Initially I have a vision of how  the rug should look like down to the last detail, but I’m always surprised at the final results when the rug is unrolled. Love that new feeling. With every new rug design I feel fortunate to have created something truly inspiring that enables me to share it with you. With every creation I noticed that I must slow down, take my time, read the story in my mind, look at my colors and pictures, re-live those moment and let my hand paint words with patterns. I also noticed that with every new design there is a new invitation to re-discover those special moments – an invitation for you my friend.
When a couple of designers came into our showroom to view at our rugs the first thing that came out of their mouth was “sexy”. I love that.  And I think it is.
The seductive hand-knotted collection can be viewed on our site but better yet – visit our showroom and/or showroom representatives for details.



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