Multiple room makeovers

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“Dress me slowly, for i am in a great rush.”
Napoleon Bonaparte
working on too many projects at onceimage via
That’s what I feel when I take too many projects at once…trying to accomplish them in a very short amount of time…among other responsibilities i have…like I’m a super woman.
Let’s see…in the past 3 weeks i took over too many make-overs:  guest bedroom, the hallway on the second floor, our TV room, powder room, dining room, reupholstered two chairs, my husband’s closet, my closet and last but not least…yesterday I finished painting my living room…the kind of room that no one sits in… and takes a big chunk of the first floor space (shame).
It has 19…yes! 19′  ceiling and i painted it using a latter and a very long pole…no one helped…you may think whatever you like.
…and hung back the curtains on these 19′ ceiling walls! how? don’t ask…
Not to mention office work and the usual stuff around the house…but it’s the thrill people, the thrill that keeps me going…seeing how projects are progressing, rooms transforming, moods are changing….ha.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why i feel like there is a “hole” in my back lately…
How did i stay focused?…again, don’t ask…


beautiful yellow and white daisy flowers
So I decided to give myself some flowers.
I will post here pictures of the projects soon…promise.
And since I’m already in a mode of changing things around the house, it motivates me to redo my own bedroom  (like i don’t have enough already). It’s a big room with lots of windows which means lots of window treatments and a good three coats of paint to cover a dark pink wall…must be done by the end of next week…before passover…we’ll see you then.
Did i also mention that at the same time I’m also working on my backyard makeover? i have help for that one but…that’s another post.
This is my bedroom now:


beautiful and elegant bedroom
Don’t think my room needs a makeover…but the other voice in me, the one that says “do as i say or else” makes me do it…bad voice…bad bad voice.


beautiful tufted headboardOn my bed are my “calabasas” silk pillows.
beautiful master bedroomhmm…it’s a beautiful room don’t you think…when my friends come over they are like “wow…beautiful…never thought of these colors…can you design my room too?”…
so why am i doing it again?
wait…don’t rush to answer…
Seriously now… it’s only because i love creating…it takes a lot of work and sometimes physical effort but anything that requires creativity…i take it all in and give myself all to it.
Thinking about my bedroom redo brings these inspiring images to mind:

beautiful jewelry display idea

i love how this beautiful jewelry display makes me want to wear my own…even when i’m home
beautiful display for jewelrylove the blues in these jewels…and all the light color accents around it…reminds me of my mother’s jewelry box…oh my own boudoir…
beautiful serene beachi want my room to feel serene, light and airy
beautiful blue skiesat night i like to watch airplanes fly by very high…keep window treatments light.

beautiful velvety red flower

little fresh flowers by my bed…every day…


beautiful silk color pomsa beautiful…plush…silky…soft rug under my feet…
beautiful yellow daisy floweri discovered the beauty of these cushion pum yellow fleur…how they open up to you…unconditionally…in a cheery color of optimism…offering you their beautiful delicate aroma…


that’s how i want my room to feel.










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