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event of an ordinary day turned into extraordinary night

We usually don’t do Thanksgiving not for any particular reason. Still, thinking about cooking, peeling, chopping, carrying made me feel more tired than I really was. I planned to feed my family cereal for dinner and do absolutely nothing.
But no, my daughter wanted me to cook all the good stuff. Kids have no problem begging I think it’s something they love doing. You just had a birthday party, I worked like a dog to make it happen and I’m still cleaning and now this?? I said, defending myself.
Then my 19 yr old complained she doesn’t like turkey. Where did she come from? I didn’t believe her of course. When someone is starving even wood taste good. Did they make me do Thanksgiving? you bet your roasted turkey they did.
I promised Haim (aka husband Vidal) that this time I’m not going to work hard. Very simple no decorations or inspirations. Just turkey.
Back in the kitchen I constantly reminded myself to keep things simple. Did I keep my promise? I wont even bother to answer.
O.k. just a center piece o.k.? These gorgeous flowers were in every room in the house, haunting me. I had to contain them so I put them in a bowl with some candles, to keep them company. Back to the kitchen.
Oh, I spot those Moroccan see-through lanterns on my way to the kitchen. They simply begged for light. I couldn’t say no. They look much better when lit. I’m going to cook now.
Just so you know, that’s the girl who made do all this. She watched my every step. I complained how hard she made me work. Wait, something is missing.
Yes, dishes. So I got carried away a bit. I love to play with dishes you know. Turquoise Moroccan tea cups called my name. White porcelain saucer demanded attention and Turquoise sea glass was a perfect match. Eclectic Moroccan settings, I love it. O.k. enough decoration. Back to the kitchen.
Seriously, it got a bit dark outside and I needed some light. I added few candles, sea glass and some leafs. That’s it. Oh, my glazed Moroccan bowls that sat lonely on a shelf, well, are not lonely anymore.
I know I know, I said simple right? This table took some work. No wonder I’m exhausted. Promise? what promise? (*sigh*) I never learn.
It turned out so colorful. Loose. Spontaneous kind of Thanksgiving. We ate, talked and laughed. Isn’t that what life is all about? 🙂
I’m thankful for my daughters who made me work so hard and for my husband who drove around town to find fresh turkey before I’d change my mind.
I hope you have a colorful and flavorful holiday. Don’t forget to count the littlest pleasures in your life. It’s the tiny pieces that build a whole picture.
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