Ten best reasons to Love October

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Recently I have been feeling very festive almost on a daily basis. October is here and I love it. Autumn in Paris.

beautiful Autumn colors. photography

beautiful autumn leafs

October is the most celebrated month in our family, filled with birthdays and anniversaries. I feel the need to share my celebrations and more reasons to love October:

  • October is the month of my Birthday…to some it might be a sad reminder for getting old     but who’s counting.
  • October is a month filled with mellow warmth and fields are shouting with yellow, gold    and orange glow.
  • The AC unit that still working but feels way cooler even on 75 degrees (live in Florida?).
  • October is delicious. It makes me cook more and host more.
  • October is extra cozy hence my desire to rearrange furniture, rugs and painting some walls.
  • The rain on leafs and petals.
  • I’m a terrible driver on October. I don’t want to look at the road. I want is to stick my nose up against the window and soak up the view. Someone has to take me places.
  • October is the most romantic month of the year, don’t you think?
  • Autumn in October makes me feel that it is here to stay.
  • Driving in the evenings with the moon roof open and looking up at the gorgeous clear sky (not if I am the driver).
  • October is a serious competition with the month of May but guess what…October wins.

delicious autumn food and colors

O.k. eleven reasons.


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