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moments of recharge

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Tweet hellooooo, it’s already friday…can’t believe it!…am on my way…in about an hour…to spent the rest of the weekend laying on the belle plages of our gorgeous keys…with husband and daughters. a weekend of total laziness. yes…i think i’m allowed…after all…mothers day is sunday…i can start doing nothing as of now. i may not be doing this… hmm…maybe but will do a lot of this… until then, au revoir    


sister sister

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Tweet hi everyone, good news i’d like to share with you…this week my mother and two sisters have flown…for almost two days…all the way from israel to visit me…us…they will stay at our house the whole month…yay. blogging will be a little scratchy…if at all…but i will try to sneak to my office…when my sisters are not looking…to post some updates. i’m excited to be with my mom…i also know that with my sisters’ wicked sense of humor and nutty minds we are all going to have a blast…it’s going…read more


More is more on 2011

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Tweet Did you already kick 2010 goodbye? via Dear friends, If you are like me, o.k. o.k. not like me, but if you are like most people, you probably looking back on 2010 feeling sorry or maybe disappointed that you “should have done this or that” you know, more botox here or there, or should have lost that 20 or 30 pounds, or doing those 700 crunches a day to get that “Bay watch” look (but that’s old isn’t it). But think of it, nobody is perfect, not even you…read more

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