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monster on the loom

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Tweet hi there, i can’t resist but sharing these photos with you. this is a monster size custom rug made for our client…and as you can see…it’s going to furnish a very large room… i’m looking forward to the “after” shot. you know what captured me in this photo? can you see the weaving hands sticking out between the threads…all in one row on the other side of the loom? let me tell you these people are working hard. such a sense of order… isn’t that amazing… fyi, the rug…read more


Infused with fusion

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Tweet the inspiration behind wildcard fusion hi there, i finally managed to steal an hour from this busy week (work, holiday)…to post a short inspiration story about  wildcard fusion. thinking about it now…the inspiration moves me…again…because it wasn’t planned or anything like that…it was just there…uninvited. i remember sitting in this beautiful open terrace/entrance in a nepalese home belongs to our partner…thinking and struggling on one of the designs i wasn’t happy about. color poms were thrown on the floor…yarns scattered around…samples…papers…and i gazed at the view. the windowless terrace…read more


Twists and turns of designing “spice” rug

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Tweet Leaving from Newark to Nepal I sat quietly on the plane, anticipating the landing of a very long flight that didn’t even take off yet. Few minutes later a flight attendant handed me a menu to choose my dinner. On its front was the most gorgeous, magnified looking image of a rustic and wild spice Star anise I have ever seen. The image was so detailed it looked like an illustration. Me, as one who studied scientific illustration, when I see something like this it’s like putting me in…read more


Design for freedom

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Tweet RUG-ART participates in a “One in Million” campaign sponsored by GoodWeave   It’s not only about ending child-labor in the rug and carpet industry, but also to educate and help families deal with obstacles that prevent them from sending their children to school. There is a reason why we are all here… More about the rug  here. Merci.

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