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Tweet and the inspiration behind the new hair-on-hide rug collection hi there, these past three weeks have been incredible…one on one time with my mom and two sisters, who came to visit me and to celebrate passover together. listening to my mother’s stories of childhood memories…took me back to my very lucky visit…not long ago…to one of the most culturally rich countries – morocco…my parents birthplace and home. my own moroccan experience…is nothing but a crumb compare to my mother’s…a beautiful reminder that i’m a woman proud of her cultural…read more


Infused with fusion

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Tweet the inspiration behind wildcard fusion hi there, i finally managed to steal an hour from this busy week (work, holiday)…to post a short inspiration story about  wildcard fusion. thinking about it now…the inspiration moves me…again…because it wasn’t planned or anything like that…it was just there…uninvited. i remember sitting in this beautiful open terrace/entrance in a nepalese home belongs to our partner…thinking and struggling on one of the designs i wasn’t happy about. color poms were thrown on the floor…yarns scattered around…samples…papers…and i gazed at the view. the windowless terrace…read more


Browse around my house

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Tweet I always take photos of objects around my house or others. Always discovering something new.   Moroccan inspired glass chandelier in a tiny sweet size foyer in my house. Sometimes I’d leave the lights on just to stare at this beautiful pink glow around…a no no according to my husband…waste of electricity.   The Moroccan mirror in the background was missing many tiny round mirrors…when i looked for a Moroccan inspired mirror…so i asked for a discount. Not only that the sales lady reduced the price drastically…i also insisted…read more


Multiple room makeovers

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Tweet “Dress me slowly, for i am in a great rush.” Napoleon Bonaparte image via That’s what I feel when I take too many projects at once…trying to accomplish them in a very short amount of time…among other responsibilities i have…like I’m a super woman. Let’s see…in the past 3 weeks i took over too many make-overs:  guest bedroom, the hallway on the second floor, our TV room, powder room, dining room, reupholstered two chairs, my husband’s closet, my closet and last but not least…yesterday I finished painting my living…read more

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