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Sultry colors of Morocco

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Tweet The iridescent blue of the sky and sea… the rich depth of sepia… delectable hue of blue/black olives… the comfort of creams of ancient ruins. Morocco – a country i can never get enough of. It’s the love of Morocco that makes me live it more in my mind than in my senses. It goes without saying that Morocco is a country that’s seductively rich with pure beauty and artistic tradition. Morocco made me wonder how my life would have been like if i had lived there. *sigh*…i don’t even…read more


sunday fuel

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Tweet i miss my husband…i do…very much. i want to kiss him badly. he is the best. but he is not here now…he is at icff. i should have been there too now but some last minute changes made me stay. so today it’s sunday and rainy…gives me a chance to do something i wanted to do for a while…furniture rearranging and relocating some rugs from other rooms. my husband will be surprised…again…but it’s all good. so off i go…and in the meantime…enjoy the rest of sunday and don’t do…read more


Inspiration of a garden symphony

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Tweet As of I write this post we are in the middle of a very busy backyard re-do, half way done. No. I’m lying. Thinking about it it’s not even half. The guy we hired for the job simply takes his time…way too much time…but I forgive him. I think about the end results…we will get there…some day. Our backyard is large and spacious and stationed in the middle is a huge swimming pool. It brakes up the feel of a rectangular big space softening it with its blue colored…read more

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