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Miami Beach Art Basel {2014}

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Tweet I’m an art explorer enthusiast. I love art fairs and I love Art Basel Miami Beach, America’s biggest art fair. One of the highlights was that I didn’t have to fly down here. A little more than 30 minutes drive and I found myself exploring, washing my eyes with scenes, some were plain weird, I haven’t seen for a while. There was so much to see my eyes couldn’t catch up with my brain. Leading international galleries and artists from around the world arrive to Miami to showcase their…read more


sister sister

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Tweet hi everyone, good news i’d like to share with you…this week my mother and two sisters have flown…for almost two days…all the way from israel to visit me…us…they will stay at our house the whole month…yay. blogging will be a little scratchy…if at all…but i will try to sneak to my office…when my sisters are not looking…to post some updates. i’m excited to be with my mom…i also know that with my sisters’ wicked sense of humor and nutty minds we are all going to have a blast…it’s going…read more

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