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{dye vibe} The art of Color Transformation

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I am a true designer at heart. I am completely smitten by the fact that good design improves our lives making us better and happier human beings. I live and breath this fact. The new colors seem to almost change the original design turning it into something completely different and making me consider giving it a new name.


Hint of tint

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Tweet Come to think of it I never liked roses. of any color. never appreciated their delicate scent or shape…didn’t even want to draw them. Maybe because everyone I knew painted them…looked too easy…everyone I knew liked rose smelling perfumes…or rose color of anything. But now…now I changed my mind…maybe because I have roses finally growing in my garden…and I’m able to watch them open up each day…washed with morning sun…their delicate smell…light hint of pink is just so right. Not that I’m crazy about roses now or pink color…but…read more

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