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Design for freedom

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Tweet RUG-ART participates in a “One in Million” campaign sponsored by GoodWeave   It’s not only about ending child-labor in the rug and carpet industry, but also to educate and help families deal with obstacles that prevent them from sending their children to school. There is a reason why we are all here… More about the rug  here. Merci.


Quest for the perfect Martini

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Tweet I love celebrations of all kinds and having a good times is always inspiring. I don’t drink but on occasions I’d sip on a good wine poured into a beautiful glass. A favorite is martini glass. Even when empty. It stands tall and the up-side-down triangular form is just so impressive. I bought two. I was at a family event, a wedding, and there I saw a gorgeous display of empty martini glasses standing on top of each other, forming a giant triangle illuminated by halogen lights shooting from…read more


Voyage to Morocco

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Tweet An event that turned reality into a dream You see, a recent trip to Morocco has left me enchanted. I still am. Morocco is a country rich with delight and my long lasting memories of her will continue to inspire and stay close to me, like cherished pearls. Most of all I’m inspired by Moroccan hospitality (maybe because my family is from Morocco). That’s a constant reminder why my mother is who she is: kind, generous and hard-working woman who loves to nurture and care for her family before…read more

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