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Let there be light

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Tweet Happy Chanukah  to those celebrating First day of Chanukah. I love this holiday. I love the smell of fried jelly doughnuts, the candle lights, my  daughter’s funky hand-made menorahs, the songs, everything. Except, that we don’t give presents on every day of Chanukah (I’m not even sure who invented this thing anyway). My daughters, on the other hand, think that our Chanukah holiday is boring simply because we don’t give them presents. Helloooo.. we give them on the first day of Chanukah, their birthdays, when they get good grades…read more


Thanks for giving

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Tweet event of an ordinary day turned into extraordinary night We usually don’t do Thanksgiving not for any particular reason. Still, thinking about cooking, peeling, chopping, carrying made me feel more tired than I really was. I planned to feed my family cereal for dinner and do absolutely nothing. But no, my daughter wanted me to cook all the good stuff. Kids have no problem begging I think it’s something they love doing. You just had a birthday party, I worked like a dog to make it happen and I’m…read more


Voyage to Morocco

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Tweet An event that turned reality into a dream You see, a recent trip to Morocco has left me enchanted. I still am. Morocco is a country rich with delight and my long lasting memories of her will continue to inspire and stay close to me, like cherished pearls. Most of all I’m inspired by Moroccan hospitality (maybe because my family is from Morocco). That’s a constant reminder why my mother is who she is: kind, generous and hard-working woman who loves to nurture and care for her family before…read more

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