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behind “cosmo” rug design

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Tweet sometimes the inspiration doesn’t have to wow…it is the fruit that matters. this is one of a very few rug designs that makes me wonder every time i look at it. no matter what the settings are…it could be in a beautiful modern living room or in a luxurious dressing room (yes indeed)…or just plain laid on the concrete floor in nepal ready to be shipped…i cannot stop but marvel at the details…the feel… the hands that meticulously and patiently weaved it. it gives this labor of love a…read more


Twists and turns of designing “spice” rug

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Tweet Leaving from Newark to Nepal I sat quietly on the plane, anticipating the landing of a very long flight that didn’t even take off yet. Few minutes later a flight attendant handed me a menu to choose my dinner. On its front was the most gorgeous, magnified looking image of a rustic and wild spice Star anise I have ever seen. The image was so detailed it looked like an illustration. Me, as one who studied scientific illustration, when I see something like this it’s like putting me in…read more

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