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it is mother’s day

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Tweet hello all, i love mother’s day because i get to have those little presents…made by little hands…or big…and i get to know about myself through their eyes…well most of what’s on their list… so this is what my very funny and talented nine year old got for me this friday she bought a gorgeous pink heart shape cake…hmm…i wonder where the funding came from… she also made me this beautiful card and decorative pen…she knows my colors… she wrote what she thought of me …so sweet …and so beautiful…read more


Thanks for giving

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Tweet event of an ordinary day turned into extraordinary night We usually don’t do Thanksgiving not for any particular reason. Still, thinking about cooking, peeling, chopping, carrying made me feel more tired than I really was. I planned to feed my family cereal for dinner and do absolutely nothing. But no, my daughter wanted me to cook all the good stuff. Kids have no problem begging I think it’s something they love doing. You just had a birthday party, I worked like a dog to make it happen and I’m…read more

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