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Backyard photography

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Tweet I’ve been experimenting a lot of self photography sessions lately and yesterday I took some pictures of flowers that are currently flourishing in my backyard. I love this time of year when so many flowers are growing, some I don’t remember ever planting. Recently we purchased Passion Flowers and planted them in pots. Within a month, boom! the flowers are out of control and taking over the outside of our house. Simply amazing. Most times I am more amazed by the negative spaces created by these beautiful natural compositions,…read more


almost there summer trip

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Tweet hello friends, i’m almost there. almost. my trip to israel, italy and france is waiting for me…one more day to go. my posts this summer will be sporadic but i know i’ll take a lot of inspiring photos, meet inspiring people and visit inspiring places. will share it all.   it’s a beautiful day here and i intend to enjoy and relax…before the long flights. my new ipad 2…silliest most expensive toy i’ve ever bought for myself…will accompany me in the wee hours. not that i know how to…read more

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