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behind “cosmo” rug design

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Tweet sometimes the inspiration doesn’t have to wow…it is the fruit that matters. this is one of a very few rug designs that makes me wonder every time i look at it. no matter what the settings are…it could be in a beautiful modern living room or in a luxurious dressing room (yes indeed)…or just plain laid on the concrete floor in nepal ready to be shipped…i cannot stop but marvel at the details…the feel… the hands that meticulously and patiently weaved it. it gives this labor of love a…read more


RUG-ART hair-on-hide is here

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Tweet i’ve created a new line of leather rugs for a while now and as we speak this line is hot and gets a lot of attention at RUG-ART (also got a lot of feedback on icff show). it’s a great line of cow-hide rugs, made of small leather pieces sewn together (not glued), for longevity and quality. properly cared for, your hair-on-hide rug will last for many years even a life time. easy to care – simple vacuuming every once in a while to remove dirt is a good…read more


noche is “the bomb”

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Tweet there is a new blog in town. not only that i love its visual appeal (cool and nifty), i also love the way richard rabel puts his words together. he is simply talking and i can sense his admiration to art. richard chose to post in his blog about one of my rug designs “noche”…which inspired him and which i found he loves so much. when i say i love his word choice this is what i mean: “…the noche collection is truly ‘the bomb’…”, i mean not only…read more

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