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The Cosmopolitan – collection chronicle

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Tweet  In the past few long months I’ve been working like a mad woman along with Vidal, on my new design drawings, samples, images, trying to complete and perfect our latest rug collection The Cosmopolitan. The collection involves a lot of details in design as you will see and accurate color placement so it was essential to be as specific as I could with our partners in Nepal and to make sure we are both on the same level. Sometimes it’s no easy task and patience along with a good…read more


Drawn to drawing

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Tweet No matter where i am or what i’m thinking…i create. Much of my vacation time here in israel is spent taking pictures, reading books and visiting family. In the evenings…after long hot hours…in my rented apartment…i find myself going back to drawing…in pencil (the number one benefit to have a place of your own. No distractions). While reading a beautiful novel…a love story of a blind boy who fell in love with a beautiful deaf girl…in india. I couldn’t stop wonder about the image on the front cover of…read more


Twists and turns of designing “spice” rug

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Tweet Leaving from Newark to Nepal I sat quietly on the plane, anticipating the landing of a very long flight that didn’t even take off yet. Few minutes later a flight attendant handed me a menu to choose my dinner. On its front was the most gorgeous, magnified looking image of a rustic and wild spice Star anise I have ever seen. The image was so detailed it looked like an illustration. Me, as one who studied scientific illustration, when I see something like this it’s like putting me in…read more

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