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Collection with motion

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Tweet Jungle Chic This is a new series of hand-knotted rugs that I put together as a collection inspired by my travels. Every rug in this collection has its own tale…its own rhythm…its own mood. But together they show a beautiful mix of marvelous details inspired by nature, abstract impressions inspired by textures…animals…fossils… oversize flora… Patterns are stretched across a beautiful soft wool background…softened and shimmered by delicate fibers…some are playful…some exotic. 2010 © Copyrights Jungle Chic is my design mix of inspiring living elements and the fibers are my…read more


Dinosaur of a design

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Tweet check out this editorial for my latest rug design. one of my latest addition to the new spring collection of hand-knotted rugs and carpets…Urban Chic… will be featured at the icff show this coming may. in the near future i will post photos of this new rug Whip…as well as the inspiration behind this bold design. Whip hand-knotted in nepal. RUG-ART is a member of GoodWeave and a participant in GW One in a Million campaign.


Inspired by magic

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Tweet “I don’t read music. I don’t write it. So I wonder around on the guitar until something starts to present itself”    James Taylor Admiring guitar at two years of age Most times, to me, life dictates work and I’m sure the way I think too. My daughter was two years old when she discovered her love for guitar. I remember her playing with her big sister’s guitar, twice her size, trying to wrap a little hand around the neck of the instrument, screaming babies songs while the other hand…read more


More is more on 2011

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Tweet Did you already kick 2010 goodbye? via Dear friends, If you are like me, o.k. o.k. not like me, but if you are like most people, you probably looking back on 2010 feeling sorry or maybe disappointed that you “should have done this or that” you know, more botox here or there, or should have lost that 20 or 30 pounds, or doing those 700 crunches a day to get that “Bay watch” look (but that’s old isn’t it). But think of it, nobody is perfect, not even you…read more

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