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beautiful room settings

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Tweet The Art of Customized living from this to this: This is when i get this happy feeling…a moment that never cease to amaze me when i see an installation of our rugs, whether i’m present in the location or viewing a picture sent to me, i just love seeing how these rugs transform rooms. from this: to this: One of the things i’m most passionate about is interior decorating and design and if i’m not involved in the interior design process i am involved in the rug design and…read more


My favorite job in the world

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Tweet “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work” Gustave Flaubert Been busy like a hungry dog looking for food lately designing rugs for clients. Lots of renderings, to-scale drawings (my weakest area i must admit. thank g-d for Vidal), revisions you name it. I love doing all these not to mention designing brand new rugs but one of my favorite is to re-color a rug for a client. The beauty of it is when a client chooses one of…read more


The Cosmopolitan – collection chronicle

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Tweet  In the past few long months I’ve been working like a mad woman along with Vidal, on my new design drawings, samples, images, trying to complete and perfect our latest rug collection The Cosmopolitan. The collection involves a lot of details in design as you will see and accurate color placement so it was essential to be as specific as I could with our partners in Nepal and to make sure we are both on the same level. Sometimes it’s no easy task and patience along with a good…read more


Sultry colors of Morocco

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Tweet The iridescent blue of the sky and sea… the rich depth of sepia… delectable hue of blue/black olives… the comfort of creams of ancient ruins. Morocco – a country i can never get enough of. It’s the love of Morocco that makes me live it more in my mind than in my senses. It goes without saying that Morocco is a country that’s seductively rich with pure beauty and artistic tradition. Morocco made me wonder how my life would have been like if i had lived there. *sigh*…i don’t even…read more

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