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Hand knotted Vs. Hand Woven rugs

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the concept of hand knotted rug vs. hand woven didn’t really occur to me until I begun to realize the number of times I hear people say and think, that hand woven rugs also means hand knotted rug. Not exactly. Hand woven is a generalized word describing different types of rug making and not to be confused, not all hand-woven rugs are of the same quality. Hand knotted, hand tufted or flat-weave are all hand-woven rugs, not necessarily made entirely by hand in some technique like hand tufted, but one must know the difference between them when purchasing a good quality rug.


Inspired by magic

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Tweet “I don’t read music. I don’t write it. So I wonder around on the guitar until something starts to present itself”    James Taylor Admiring guitar at two years of age Most times, to me, life dictates work and I’m sure the way I think too. My daughter was two years old when she discovered her love for guitar. I remember her playing with her big sister’s guitar, twice her size, trying to wrap a little hand around the neck of the instrument, screaming babies songs while the other hand…read more


inspired by vision

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Tweet and the inspiration behind “kesaria” rug I’ve decided to post a ‘rug of the month’, maybe a ‘rug of the week’ section, depends how fast I type, on behalf of our customers/future customers, where you as well as other interested readers, can view the series of some of the actions that take place at RUG-ART, in order to conceive a hand-knotted rug. Often times customers who purchase rugs from us are also interested to know the stories and inspirations behind my rug designs. Well, this blog is a perfect…read more


Thanks for giving

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Tweet event of an ordinary day turned into extraordinary night We usually don’t do Thanksgiving not for any particular reason. Still, thinking about cooking, peeling, chopping, carrying made me feel more tired than I really was. I planned to feed my family cereal for dinner and do absolutely nothing. But no, my daughter wanted me to cook all the good stuff. Kids have no problem begging I think it’s something they love doing. You just had a birthday party, I worked like a dog to make it happen and I’m…read more

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