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Rise, fry, eat and pray

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Tweet Happy Chanukah day six I dedicate this post to all the lovely ladies and doughnut lovers. May this holiday season be filled with powdered sugar, flickering lights and tiny silver chocolate balls. I made these tonight. Can’t remember how many I ate, it’s a sin… but worth every calorie. 😉 Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate.


Sweet addictions

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Tweet I’m getting ready for my travel to Morocco this month. Thoughts about my plans bring up some little sweet dreams from Paris: This i like going to a paint store. All shades and colors. Yu-mi. Now this delectable cake above is what I call “High-end design of dreams”. Just look at this thing. Would you even dare to touch it? eat it? But on a second thought I’d probably would. You would too. Now this one is crazy gorgeous. It’s delicious too. The round macaroons on the cake here…read more


Paris – my one and only

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Tweet “Paris is much like a lover, infused with secrets and passions. The kind of lover I will never get punished or feel bad for having” Sigal Sasson Yes indeed. This highly anticipated trip made me dream and imagine Paris in my head up  until the moment I landed. And even after. But than things got even better. Was I lucky. Paris is not only beautiful. It’s seductive, splendor. Intoxicating. I was ready like a pride lioness to “swallow” her and breath every speckle of French dust particle in this…read more

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