sunday inspiration

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when i’m asked where my inspiration comes from, which happens quite often, i almost always say the same thing: inspiration is everywhere, but in my mind my thoughts are a little abstract, they wonder.
picture of a birthbaththis picture reminds me that nature is my biggest inspiration in every possible way. yeah sure, it’s a rustic small bird bath so what’s so special about it. it’s been sitting in my backyard for a couple of years and i almost never pay attention to it. until now.
i bought the bird bath thinking birds would come and…bath in it, nothing special. my daughter laughed at me saying mom what were you thinking it’s too small. she was right so i just left it. but let me tell you, this thing has been abused and beaten by harsh rains, sun, dust, even my sister’s cigarettes which soon enough it became her favorite ash tray.
but if you think about it, i love how the worn look of this metal bird bath changes colors when light hits it during the day, the simple stark color combination that caught my eye, the play of shadows and texture – the simple things that we tend to overlook start to play a different tune in my mind.
when let loose, elements like color, texture or composition are enough to cause a shift in my head and makes me add this special image to my design list.
so what’s your inspiration?



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