Sultry colors of Morocco

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The iridescent blue of the sky and sea…

the rich depth of sepia…

delectable hue of blue/black olives…

the comfort of creams of ancient ruins.

Morocco –

a country i can never get enough of. It’s the love of Morocco that makes me live it more in my mind than in my senses.
It goes without saying that Morocco is a country that’s seductively rich with pure beauty and artistic tradition. Morocco made me wonder how my life would have been like if i had lived there. *sigh*…i don’t even know where to begin.
When i visited morocco i was immediately wowed by the rich deep pigments that painted secluded streets, arts and crafts, architecture and tradition. This gave me an idea to interpret through a modern design, what i think are some of the most magnificent color sceneries I’ve seen anywhere. Sceneries that taught me about color, texture and being bold even for a moment. Sultry rug design was born.
I was so excited to get to work. It’s easy to grab a brush and start painting everything i saw and i would if i could, but i had to hold myself and go slow. I chose to work with an abstract pattern not necessarily showing Moroccan motifs, but there are hints in the design showing that influence. I then played with a limited color palette which plays a big part in the design inspiration, picking hues that have harmonious undertone.

blue skies in morocco

inspiration found in morocco

moroccan inspiration

inspiration found in moroccoThe use of custom blend fibers in cool tonal values play off nicely the negative spaces of the abstract pattern.  With meticulous artistic hands that weaved this piece, this is a modern chic hand-made rug where colors and design get equal credit.
Just love…don’t you?

beautiful angled image of sultry rug design for RUG ART

beautiful sultry rug design for RUG ARTsultry rug design inspirationSultry – hand knotted in Nepal. 100knot construction. custom blend fibers. GoodWeave certified.
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