Sometimes all you need is Pieces for inspiration

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little notes of design – Pieces rug

Growing up in Israel i remember my dad used to buy my mom flowers every Friday.  But not just flowers. It was a big bouquet of protea flowers, or pin cushion. I  remember them vividly because i would try to draw them. I liked their unique shape and bright colors. Did you know that pin cushion flowers are one of the oldest families of flowers on earth? they are absolutely gorgeous and extraordinary.

pin cushion protea flower inspired to design pieces rug from RUG ART

It’s no surprise that a design inspired by this beautiful bloom was in order and Pieces rug was born. Drawn by the strange and brilliant structure of this flower, which is a composite bloom and not a single flower as i use to think, I aimed to design something minimal in appearance and abstract but just as unique. Fascinated by the individual pins (flowers), I used them as the inspiration for the pins in my design. After I submit the design for production I knew what to expect in term of vision, but when the rug arrived and i unrolled it for inspection the whole story behind it got a new meaning. I can honestly say this rug has such a unique and exotic mood, tribal in feel and works extremely well in contemporary rooms.

Every time a client orders Pieces rug, especially in the color of their choice, i can’t wait to see the end results, what the rug will look like in its new home. The image below is a project done by one of our clients and she used Pieces rug to pull the beautiful elements around it. I love how the chairs, the lamp, the colors and the rug work so brilliantly together. Some Pieces of inspiration.

hand knotted rug pieces by RUG ART


beautiful hand knotted rug pieces wool and silkbeautiful hand knotted rug pieces wool and silk by rug art



beautiful decorative pillow from RUG ART

It’s just a beauty. Amazing what a single flower can make you do.

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