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salut everyone,
i have a confession to make…i haven’t been good lately.
blogging that is.
  being away from office and home had given me a generous opportunity…made me feel not only very lucky…but awarded me with a new perspective. fresh. maybe this is what i needed.
it also motivated me to make some changes so i gave a mini face-lift to my blog. have you noticed?
so i’m back. planning to re-design my office in the next couple of months…i have three new rug collections at works right now…i’m drawing them as i write this post…and i can’t wait to accomplish the rest of my chores on my to do list. i’m ready.
speaking of collections, one of them i am hoping will be executed for production in the next month. this particular collection excites me because it’s something i haven’t done before and i am feeling very strong and positive that i should be doing this. did i mention i follow by my instincts?
here are some views that inspire me for this collection:
picture of inspirational boardthere is something very mysterious about taking pictures in the dark.
the play of colors that interact with each other can sometimes fool the eye…we can’t get that in day light. they are rich, bold and full of expression. i’m almost always inspired at night time (unless i’m Zzzz…). it’s when colors and forms get their full personality and stimulate my imagination.
i’ve already started my drawings and have a lot to go. can’t wait to see the results and share them with you.
for now, bonn journee




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