I grew up the youngest of eleven children, a large and creative family that possesses strong  Moroccan roots. One of my most vivid memories from childhood was when my parents quit their daytime jobs and opened their own small factory, where they designed women shoes. Living in my parents home I never had store bought shoes, I always had them designed for me by my dad who loved to make them. I loved to be in the factory where i would play with colored leather swatches and patterns and pretend i’m making something.  I had quite the shoe collection but my most favorite was a funky pair of white leather cowgirl boots, with silver appliqe in the shape of stars my dad made for me and inside the lining was a print of my name. Those boots became the talk of the town.

My oldest sister was making hand-made tapestries for many years. My other sister was sewing her own clothes and knitting sweaters for all of us. My brother had his own factory where he designed women’s bags and another brother is a shoe designer. As a teen I learned to sew and knit and in my free time I would make my own clothes with my own two hands.  Creativity pretty much runs in my family.

My work space is stimulating and there’s always music in the background. My right side of the brain is busier than the left. I am a creative abstract thinker and usually follow my guts. I love to be immersed in my creative work every day and I’m always on the look out for inspiration…even in a tiny tea spoon.

Thank you for stopping by.