going green

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it feels weird to be back. two months away from home then sitting on the kitchen island writing this weekend post…like nothing happened…is no easy task. had too much fun being away…it almost makes me feel bad. almost.
but summer is still here and i didn’t plan to write anything this morning so i thought i would post something goodie…just to say hi to my blog:
beautiful image of chianti italy
radda in chianti, tuscany
beautiful green bottles in tuscany italy
tiny. tiny farm in a tiny town in chianti, tuscany
beautiful image of designers' street shops in rome
designers’ paradise in rome
green fields in chianti italy
tuscany. *sigh*
beautiful picture of venezia italy
venezia. *double sigh*
beautiful chianti, italyyup. that’s me. didn’t know how cold it would be in tuscany…i packed like i’m about to visit india…tank tops, shorts and flops. it was very cold walking around…(july!). but i loved. loved. every moment.
while staying in italy for a few weeks this summer my eyes were washed with wall to wall carpets of serene, earthy and calming color mix of yellow and blue: green. gorgeous. it was every where: fields, windows, trims, architecture, terraces, interiors…
it was hard to ignore.
for now,
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