Scenes from italian town

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I always miss home and family when i travel but i think i am nomadic at heart. My sister says i’m a natural. Can’t argue with big sis. I’ve been away from home for about two months now (accompanied by my youngest) and i cannot stop but thinking how much of a good time and so inspiring my trips to Italy, France and Israel were this summer. Back home soon…i can honestly say i miss my office (not that it looks amazing or anything like that), call me weird. Simply didn’t have time. And while away the beauty of the travel made me fantasize about an all new office…bright and chic surrounded by my rug and and silk pillow samples, mood boards, pictures of my travels and future ones of course, sketches of new rug designs which i recently came up with…my head is exploding with ideas.
Blogging was sketchy and uploading images from my tablet is pretty annoying. so i…somehow…managed to upload (probably cheated) some pictures of one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen this summer. This is until things will get back to norm…or do they ever.
Chianti Tuscany, Italy:
picture of beautiful chianty in tuscany

Beautiful tuscany, italy
beautiful tuscany

Absolutely unforgettable places with unforgettable views. I have so much to show you. Soon. So come back.
For now,
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