Rugs made to order

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makers of fine custom rugs

The opening of RUG-ART new and glamorous modern showroom on 979 3rd avenue in NYC, offers its customers and you a chance to view the company’s vast rug collections up close and personal.
Situated in New York’s premier design center RUG-ART offers a unique opportunity, among others, to customize your own personalized hand-knotted rug based on your specific needs.
Choose from the company’s exquisite designs or customize your own, RUG-ART rugs are completely customizable.
The showroom offers state-of-the-art display in a complete bright white surroundings, turning their rugs into a stunning focal point that emphasizes the unique beauty and craftsmanship of their rugs.
Our showroom is located at 979 3rd avenue, Suite 1518, New York City, 10022.  For more information please contact us at T: 212.207.8211 F: 212.207.8233
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