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i’ve created a new line of leather rugs for a while now and as we speak this line is hot and gets a lot of attention at RUG-ART (also got a lot of feedback on icff show).
hair-on-hide rug by rug-art
it’s a great line of cow-hide rugs, made of small leather pieces sewn together (not glued), for longevity and quality.
properly cared for, your hair-on-hide rug will last for many years even a life time. easy to care – simple vacuuming every once in a while to remove dirt is a good idea, otherwise, dirt left in the rug can destroy the leather when walked on (imagine rubbing your face with dust particles every time you touch it. not pretty). professional cleaning when necessary will take care of business too.
for those who are looking to add that chic and modern look in their interiors, hair-on-hide provides just that.
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hair-on-hide settings

leather rug by rug-art in a showhouseflora leather rug on the floor of a showhousevia


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