Rug Art design competition for Art Walk 2015

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Art Walk 2015 – Rug Design Competition by Middle School Students

Shouldn’t we all live in such flood of harmony

rug art hosts a rug design competition by middle school age students

With a great pleasure, in 2015 RUG ART INTERNATIONAL initiated a rug design competition for the creative middle school students of Hebrew day school in Florida. The final rug design will be constructed in Nepal by adult artisans made entirely by hand. The rug will receive the GoodWeave label, meaning No Child Labor is involved in the process. The prize is a beautiful custom hand-knotted rug designed by the school’s student, to be donated and displayed in the new high school building addition on the school’s premises, as well as a gift card for each of the first three top winners.

rug art rug design with goodweave label

The criteria presented to students is to create an original design that will reflect a unique atmosphere while keeping Jewish heritage in mind. During the process we received numerous entries. All were beautifully illustrated, some were  simply magnificent, the choice was a touch one.

We initiated this unique event because we believe that participating in this competition young students and future artists will value and cherished such an experience, knowing it was created to establish harmony between GIVING and RECEIVING.

By Giving back to needy communities in Nepal who help us create these beautiful works of art, we are helping in the support of Nepali children to be able to attend school, receive annual doctor visits and care, even celebrate their birthdays, while their artisans parents work in the factories producing the most beautiful rugs in the world. When one is recognized by the fact that one soul helps another to end child labor and made a single child feel empowered, it’s a priceless feeling of reward one can carry for the rest of his life.

And that is the very root of Receiving.

rug art design competition with goodweave

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring something beautiful into students lives and into the lives of children currently trapped in the ugliness of child labor.

We thank all the participants who help us share our vision and turn it into a great inspiration.

We have a winner. We will post pictures from the event and the winning rug design, the future young designer and much more, soon.

RUG ART INTERNATIONAL is a proud supporter of GoodWeave, a non-profit organization fighting to end child labor.

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