red hot inspiration

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red is not my favorite color but sometimes i use it in my rug designs and pillows…sparingly…and sometimes…all the way. it sure has a character…more red more energy.
red has its own way. but for some reason red is the color that comes right at my face this week. i’m thinking reds. maybe i have a burning desire to something ( it better be good).
there are all kinds of reds.
hot (imagine a blond standing in a red phone booth)…
new decorative pillows by sigal sassonmy red silk decorative pillows
delicious french dessertmy red french dessert…ahhh
heliconia watercolor art work by sigal sassonmy red hot watercolor painting heliconia
beautiful moroccan inspired interiorsour guest room in a moroccan riad, marrakesh (red city…)
moroccan inspired riad, moroccospacious hallway adjacent to our room in the riad
beautiful hand knotted rug "muse" rug-art by sigal sassonmy bonsai inspired rug
beautiful soft red throw blankethappened to match – red manicure and a soft red cozy blanket
what’s your red? share it. i’m sure it has many faces.










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