Quest for the perfect Martini

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I love celebrations of all kinds and having a good times is always inspiring. I don’t drink but on occasions I’d sip on a good wine poured into a beautiful glass. A favorite is martini glass. Even when empty. It stands tall and the up-side-down triangular form is just so impressive. I bought two.
I was at a family event, a wedding, and there I saw a gorgeous display of empty martini glasses standing on top of each other, forming a giant triangle illuminated by halogen lights shooting from above. It looked like a piece of ice art. That was some display.
No I didn’t take a picture at the time (I’m pinching myself right now for not doing it). I was  too busy admiring (who knew).
I had a good time but when I returned home I went straight to work.
Sketches after sketches and all I got was a busy pattern with simple large triangles that didn’t talk to me (yes I should have kept them. I’m bad).
Frustration of sketch/erase and sketch/erase made me put down the pencil and keep the idea in a drawer. Don’t know for how long but it was there for a while.
Many months later my husband looked through my files trying to find something… he found my tini “Martini” design there… “I want it” he told me, “make the rug”…


A fresh and clean illustration sketch helped me get the shapes and scale right where I wanted. Original idea of color palette, tone-on-tone, was the right choice if I wanted to achieve what I looked for: a repeat with movement in subtle variation of texture and tone that will work anywhere anytime.
My Martini design was finally submitted for production.
And so this week RUG ART, us, got our shipment of new rugs and among them is my little happy brand new  “Martini” rug.
I’ve experimented with my camera and took some shots before the rug hits the showrooms. Take a look:
We are excited about this rug. It’s fun, modern, young. It works in many room interiors. Tone-on-tone coloration offers the opportunity to splurge on any color around it without losing the atmosphere this design suggests.
On the other hand, for color lovers, this rug can be totally customized to your most desirable shade.

Martini rug beautifully lays on the floor accompanied by our “Noche” custom silk decorative pillow in black taupe.
What a duo.


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