Paris – my one and only

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“Paris is much like a lover, infused with secrets and passions. The kind of lover I will never get punished or feel bad for having” Sigal Sasson
Yes indeed. This highly anticipated trip made me dream and imagine Paris in my head up  until the moment I landed. And even after. But than things got even better. Was I lucky.
Paris is not only beautiful. It’s seductive, splendor. Intoxicating. I was ready like a pride lioness to “swallow” her and breath every speckle of French dust particle in this magical place. There was so much to take in not only the beautiful sights but the atmosphere, the people whom surprisingly were very nice and pleasant, the gorgeous young ladies (I love French ladies, ladies), who go to work dressed like there is no tomorrow. The food, desserts. Ahh desserts. Did I mention that one day I will speak French? Well, I am now (mentioning that is).
One thing I can tell you, too much of a good thing can leave you numb in a sort of way, you know what I mean?
Let’s stop talking. look and, by all means, drool:
Arc De Triomphe is so impressive it’s hard to miss. We literally risked our life trying to take this picture by standing in the middle of the street (not a smart thing to do).

tiny Parisian street, one of my little discoveries while in Paris

I wonder why not living like a Parisian girl in Paris? Strolling little streets wrapped by a sparkly river, flowing houses with tiny windows open wide and pure morning sunshine wash french walls with glory.
Why not stopping at every French pastry shop and eat delectable divine sweets like it’s nobody’s business? (I did). Or to holding a beautiful crystal globe filled with dark red wine that shimmers like diamond and toasting to life.
Or sitting and people-watching others who watch you too in a tiny cafe, indulging on Cafe-au-Lait topped with rich buttery cream.
Why not treat myself to a bite of that sweet solid roasted cacao, the French call ‘Chocolat’, filled with white cream and covered with colorful shiny dust sprinkles, gently melts in my mouth?
Or staying at a magnificent palace filled with rooms decorated in rich silks and crystalline chandeliers? and let’s top all that with gorgeous plush rugs casually lay on the floor and I am walking around bare foot……. *sigh*  why not?
La vie est belle. But don’t get me wrong here. Italy is not out of the question.
Some more Parisian dolce:
The highlight of the day – the Eiffel Tower, all lit in blue and looked grand and glamorous in a dark night, waiting for my arrival.
It was on my birthday. Imagine standing right under and looking all the way up to take a photo. Dizzy.

Contemporary French rooms. So glamorous.

O.k. that’s a big one. I mean this store is insanely addictive and gorgeous. The colors,  fabrics, clothes, smells, women, food, desserts, elevators, display, shoes shoes shoes, oh-my-god-I’m-running-out-of-breath-here. Everything is soooo gorgeous in this store. I got out of there feeling dizzy. You would too.
Gallery Lafayette department store in  – the epitome of Parisian shopping experience.
I love to play with makeup. In a big beautiful store. In Paris. No worries allowed.
Yes. I want this view from my terrace 24/7
Oh, more of Paris. More is so much more.
Want more? o.k.

The hotel room where we stayed

…every night my long time butler lays a beautifully written note on my bed…with weather update…bed perfectly made…decorated with silk throw pillows…he never forgets to leave, every night, sweet and decadent chocolate.
Yeah right. In my dreams.

Don't miss a visit to Louvre Museum

The museum has an impressive collection of sculptures and antiquities made by some very talented artists from around the world. You will find some very unusual artwork in form and in size, as you can see.

Parisian siesta. I should be doing some of that…
More French design.
…little peace of heaven in the middle of Paris…even on a winter day. Stunning.

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