noche is “the bomb”

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there is a new blog in town. not only that i love its visual appeal (cool and nifty), i also love the way richard rabel puts his words together. he is simply talking and i can sense his admiration to art.
richard chose to post in his blog about one of my rug designs “noche”…which inspired him and which i found he loves so much. when i say i love his word choice this is what i mean: “…the noche collection is truly ‘the bomb’…”, i mean not only that it makes me smile but hey…it rocks.
you can check it out in his new blog here
rug designsnoche rugs – hand-knotted in nepal – silk, himalayan wool and hemp
thank you richard.
hope you all have a great weekend. i know i will.
until then,
bonne journeé


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