New rug design Introduction – the world’s most coveted flower

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Question: what goes through your mind when you look at Tulip flower? I wonder if this question is for the ladies of the house only…or maybe men too?
I’m listening to Barry White I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby as I write this post, a song that makes me think about all the beautiful flowers I’ve seen or painted or read about until now, but Tulip, a sensual and romantic flower, pops in my head the most. While my ears enjoy Barry’s sensual music that go so perfectly with this flower like wine and cheese, I’m sharing one of my biggest inspirations this season – Tulip – the world’s most coveted flower.
I remember taking botanical art classes in NYC and one of the assignments was to draw Tulipa flower from live model, in silver point. I’ve never done it before and didn’t know where to begin but I put the beautiful red tulip in a tiny vase and stared. I watched it twist and turn and respond to light just like a rock star. I sat among other very talented ladies, which made me a little nervous knowing mine will probably not look as “professional”.
It was then, more than any other drawing I’ve done before, that I took my time to carefully observe this elegant specimen. It’s delicate and minimal appearance tricked me into thinking it’s an easy subject but I was wrong – the petals are simply perfect and each reflects this beautiful mirror shine meeting at the gentle curve all around, an effect I have never attempted to mimic before (fear?). They all point out of the same curvy stem and its leaf looks more glued on than growing out of, and peaking through the petals was this tiny stamen (male reproductive organ in a flower). My hand was shaking…literally.
I put the silver point on the smooth paper and I begun drawing…slooowly. By the time I had finished the drawing the Tulip was bent almost reaching the table.


Two hours later this is what I came up with:

botanical art of a tulip flower by sigal sasson

I could finally breath. My instructor lifted the paper very gently like it was the Tulip itself and looked at it…and looked at it. She didn’t have to tell me anything.
I kept the drawing dear and near until I came up with an inspiration for a rug design. I knew I wanted to show a single larger than life Tulip, in an artistic painterly effect capturing the essence of spring in a visual manner that could be appreciated by both genders. And so with another Tulip painting that I did in watercolor (below), I combined the two and manipulated their appearance to create an abstract composition.

botanical art - tulip in watercolor

I love the mystery of a Tulip and when it comes to design it I love it even more because I can customize it to any emotional impact you desire. This rug is sure to energize a room.

hand knotted rug made in nepal, inspired by Tuliphand knotted rug made in nepal, tulip by sigal sassonhand knotted rug made in nepal, inspired by a tuliphand knotted rug made in nepal, inspired by a tulipFresh Tulip anyone?


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