My interview with a lovely SF Interior Designer

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the design tray - an interview with sigal sasson

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to get to know a talented and a lovely Interior Designer from San Francisco CA. The introduction happened quite by accident when I was pinning and happened to see beautiful images of interior design projects that, when I clicked, led me to Anna Fane Pinterest page. Following her on Pinterest made her contact me stating she loves my art work and our rugs. Through interesting back and fourth email chats we’ve got to know each other a little better and now we can say we are pen pals.

Anna Fane runs her own design blog The Design Tray (don’t you love the name), and I love the way she designed it; clean and clear. Recently, I was interviewed by Anna who posted on her design blog. Not only that I like the post (really), but her blog is interesting to read and beautiful to look at.

Thank you Anna for the interview and hope to meet you some day.

Click here to read the interview

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