My inspiration for my oil painting – Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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I wanted to share with you my latest oil painting I just finished, inspired by one of my favorite artists Johannes Vermeer and his painting subject Girl with a Pearl Earring. I chose to paint her because of the mystery that’s still hanging behind the story and also, because Vermeer chose ordinary subjects including people and painted what he saw. He was an amazing painter and his focus was on the moment only, which made the viewer create the story. I love that about him.

It is amazing though, that at a time, Vermeer was able to achieve a beautiful master piece with all the limitations that were presented like light and color. He used color effectively and was able to produce amazing results.

I started my painting with under-painting technique, black and white. Once dry, layers and layers of glazes in limited color palette were applied, while waiting for each layer to dry completely before the next application. It was a magical process seeing how every new layer of glaze deepens the previous one, making it look so rich and beautiful. Tip: nothing beats the beauty and richness of a French Ultramarine blue glaze. Nothing.

No short cut here. Patience was key to achieve good results. Time consuming, but well worth the effort.

my oil painting girl with a pearl earring

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