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i love. love to draw and paint. when i draw in an informal settings, leisurely while doing something else, i’m always surprised at the outcome. i should be drawing a lot more.
i am not sure what came over me lately, but i’ve been drawing almost every day for the last couple of weeks, sometimes at the most odd moments:
beautiful graphite illustration of a dogi did this drawing last night, while waiting for my husband to come from the airport and looked at some family pictures. this is for real – it’s my sister’s dog with a cigarette. i just couldn’t resist.
beautiful graphite illustration of ostrich with a hat…did this while my husband and i watched a depressing movie.
graphite illustration of an ostrich eye…did this between reading my emails and coffee sips.
beautiful graphite illustration of a dog's eye…did my dog’s eye while waiting for my daughter to finish her guitar lesson.
portrait illustration in graphite…on vacation, while waiting for my niece to pick me up…she was two hours late (or maybe i just woke up too early).
graphite illustration of a human eye…did this while reading  “how to draw human eyes”.

happy drawing

and a very

happy Hanukkah


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