My favorite job in the world

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“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work”
Gustave Flaubert
Been busy like a hungry dog looking for food lately designing rugs for clients. Lots of renderings, to-scale drawings (my weakest area i must admit. thank g-d for Vidal), revisions you name it.
I love doing all these not to mention designing brand new rugs but one of my favorite is to re-color a rug for a client. The beauty of it is when a client chooses one of my rugs and then changes the colors to coordinate it with a particular project. The results are WOW I’m amazed.every.time.

working in my office

Many times I get fabric swatches or paint chips from clients asking me to create a color potion for the rugs of their choice and let me tell you, sometimes it’s challenging but this is first of all a treat for me – it’s like getting a box full of chocolate. And if my clients knew that i would probably get chocolate too.

working with sketches

botanical art - beet rootThis is how much I love what I do. There isn’t a moment in a day where I’m not creative or forced to think creatively. Aren’t we all? and I’m not doing only rugs here. On the other side of my office there is my drawing/painting table so when I feel the need to vent or been looking at the screen for too long  – one push and I’m rolling myself to the drawing table to continue my painting meditation be it an insect, a flower, even a dead leaf. Whatever inspires me.
 working in my officewhat inspires you? i would love to know.
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