More reasons to love Paris

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I must see her and press her to my heart. I love her to the point of madness, and I cannot continue to be separated from her. If she no longer loved me, I would have nothing left to do on earth“. Napoleon Bonaparte
These past few days I’ve been looking through photos I took on my trips to Paris and thought I’d share some with you. Paris never cease to inspire  and surprise me. I can’t stop thinking that she:
…is the most romantic city in the world.
…makes my husband fall in love with me. Again.
…made me celebrate my birthday on the Eiffel Tower.
…shows exquisite Autumn colors, it makes me wanna grab a brush and go ‘crazy’ with paint.
…exhibits the best works of art.
…offers mouth-watering  Mediterranean cuisine.
…has the creamiest Chocolate that never makes me feel guilty.
…makes the best desserts on earth.
…makes the most seductive ladies shoes – if only I was size 6. *Sigh*
…has enchanting views of the city at sunset –  makes me wanna kiss the sky.
…now, by all mean drool away. You’re allowed:

photo credit: sigal sasson

photo credit: sigal sasson

The Eiffel Tower all lit in blue. Photo credit: sigal sasson

Lobby of Louvre Museum in Paris. photo credit: sigal sasson

I should have more of these. Photo credit: sigal sasson

so crazy delicious I almost ate the bowl it was served on.

This gorgeous sandal fit me perfectly.. in my dreams. photo credit: sigal sasson

she makes me wanna kiss the sky. photo credit: sigal sasson









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