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hope you all had a great long weekend holiday. this year i didn’t work too hard but my younger daughter made me cook again, for thanks giving. i simply roasted baby chickens (cornish hens?) with lots of herbs and seasoning and a couple of side dishes. was delicious. after all, my husband is overseas and i know i will have to repeat this meal when he returns. soon.
in the meantime, while my husband is on a business trip and i stayed here to take care of everything else, he is my eyes and i got a lot of updates from him and our partners in nepal about my new rug collections. i was so excited to received images of the new designs on the loom. it’s just amazing to me, and i’ve said it many times before, how from a simple idea, a sketch or a piece of something, the concept is progressing and finally a beautiful piece of hand made art is created – in my case – a hand made rug. there are so many steps and hands involved in such a creative process you simply have to admire that, don’t you think?
i would love to post all of the images and updates but i don’t want to spoil anything. i even want to surprise myself. i will, however, tease and share with you one of my mood boards. the background in this mood board shows a cropped image of one of my favorite rug designs this year:

beautiful image of moodboardmy rug design mood board

mood board transports feelings about a product or something you like in particular. it’s a way to communicate a direction in which you are going with your design. i love mood boards (most times they are in my head so you can imagine how many moods i have), and when i look at one of my boards and think about the design behind it, i’m immediately taken to another place…sometimes another era. many times i create mood boards for myself but often, and lately, i’ve been asked to show my mood boards beside telling the inspiration behind the design.
so here it is and please, if you have any thought…share.




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